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MATTHEW WALKER COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH CENTER offers a full range of preventative, restorative and rehabilitative dental care services.  We recognize that in order to provide comprehensive healthcare, dentistry must play an integral role in the primary care services that we offer to our patients.  Dental exams and cleanings, oral cancer screenings, dentures, partials, tooth colored fillings, crowns, tooth extractions, root canal, implants and a wide range of cosmetic services are only a few of the dental care services we provide.


We also offer the coordination of medical and dental services. For instance we offer dental screenings and cleanings to all prenatal patients in the first trimester of pregnancy to improve birth outcomes and to promote prenatal dental education and awareness.


In order to provide lifelong oral health maintenance we help our patients establish a personal and professional maintenance program.  There are evidential based findings that link oral health and periodontal disease to such things as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and oral cancer to name a few. Due to the recurring nature of periodontal disease, we offer the following during oral health maintenance exams:

  • Review your current dental and medical history
  • Review any changes in your medications and their effects on your oral health
  • Do a complete oral cancer screening
  • Record, compare, and evaluate your current periodontal status with your past records to detect any early changes in your periodontal health
  • Complete all necessary periodontal maintenance procedures using the newest techniques and most modern equipment
  • Take any necessary x-rays to evaluate the supporting structures of your teeth
  • Review your home care program
  • Apply topical fluoride to your teeth
  • Make any necessary recommendations about your future oral healthcare needs
  • Update your referring dentist about your current oral health status

MATTHEW WALKER COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH CENTER dental care services are provided at both our Nashville and Clarksville facilities.

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